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Transformations Unveiled: Witness the Astonishing Feature Wall Transformation

A Feature Wall offers a unique place. It’s more than just a part of your living area; it’s a blank canvas for your imagination, a focal point that can change the entire mood of a room. The concept of a feature wall has grown over time, going beyond just paint or wallpaper. Today’s challenge is to create a visual masterpiece that captivates, inspires, and transforms. Let’s have a look at this feature wall we created for a recent client. 

Feature walls were traditionally decorated with vibrant paint or eye-catching wallpaper. While these solutions are still appealing, the modern feature wall extends beyond the surface. The new frontier is texture. Consider a living room with a feature wall made of reclaimed wood, each plank telling its own tale. The tactile sense, natural colours, and rustic appeal turn the area into a cozy retreat.

For our client, we decided to go with a feature wall that can be used for entertainment, along with an electrical fireplace to make the room feel cozy and intimate. When we look beyond that we see the use of shelving with LED strip lights to highlight any decorative features.

How It Started

After discussing the client’s needs and desires. We proceeded to show them a visual picture of the planned project. Once approved, we will begin construction on the feature wall. 

We bring together tradespeople from various fields, such as electricians, carpenters, and tilers. Each trade is called in to complete a specific task that will lead to the project’s success. 

 In the image on the right, the framing for the feature wall is completed, the electrical is installed and the custom millwork is in the process of being completed. 

To finish it off we added the fireplace and the final touches to the overall feature wall.

The feature wall has evolved beyond its traditional function and now serves as a playground for creativity. 

It’s an opportunity for clients to express themselves, establish a focal point, and change the vibe of a room and overall space. Seeing this incredible feature wall makeover is an invitation to explore a world of possibilities where textures, colours, materials, and imagination come together to redefine a living space.

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