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We pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and transforming both residential and commercial spaces into stunning works of art. With years of experience in the industry, our team is committed to providing top-quality finishing services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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We specialize in elevating your home, whether it’s refreshing a single-family dwelling or enhancing estate living. Our expertise extends to remodelling and renovating entire properties, encompassing everything from media rooms to kitchens, bathrooms to bedrooms—each customized to the owner’s desires. From walk-in closets to built-in storage solutions, laundry rooms to home gyms, and basement development, our skilled team utilizes high-quality materials and precise techniques to achieve flawless results that exceed expectations.



 Our expertise extends to multi-family living projects, where we’ve collaborated with esteemed clients such as Synergy and Cape Construction to deliver exceptional finishing carpentry services. For Synergy’s Spruces Grove project in the Keswick community, comprising over 150 units, we executed the finishing carpentry with precision, ensuring timely completion within budgetary constraints. Similarly, for Cape Construction’s development in Vancouver, encompassing 160 units, we tackled the complexities with a solution-focused approach, leveraging the skills of our dedicated carpenters and strong leadership to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction resonates throughout our portfolio, reflecting the valued partnerships we’ve cultivated in the multi-family living sector.



 We excel in the meticulous assembly, connection, adjustment, and refinement of commercial environments, including renowned brands like Starbucks, KFC, The Gap, and many more. With our clients often working towards strict opening dates, we recognize the urgency of completing projects promptly while meeting their exact standards. Our team excels in translating brand identities into tangible elements, from colour schemes to furniture selections, ensuring every detail reflects the essence of the establishment. Leveraging our extensive network of local professionals and carpenters, we bring a wealth of expertise to remodeling and renovation projects, guaranteeing exceptional results every time. At Variety Finishing, commercial installations are more than just construction tasks; they’re opportunities to create immersive experiences that exceed expectations and elevate brand presence.



  The Tip Ton Block project on Whyte Avenue stands as one of our most triumphant endeavors. The owner, a dentist and family man with multiple properties throughout the city, also happened to be a close friend of our partner, Luis, the proprietor of Clara Design. This professional building had sat vacant for some time until our client, eager to repurpose it for personal use, approached Luis with the idea. Ana swiftly sprang into action, collaborating with our drafter to produce detailed renderings, allowing the client to envision the space long before its completion.

With a desire for a turnkey solution, our team was tasked with designing everything from custom window treatments to furniture arrangements. This comprehensive project encompassed an array of features, including captivating feature walls, bespoke art installations, cutting-edge LED lighting, a custom wet bar, tailored shelving, media walls with integrated TVs, wireless surround sound, a pool table, wine cooler, and fridge—truly a dream come true for the client. 

Navigating the complexities of commercial regulations, we secured all necessary permits, from fire protection to structural requirements, ensuring compliance every step of the way. Over the span of three months, we meticulously brought the client’s vision to life. Their continued patronage and reliance on us for their building needs serve as a testament not only to our craftsmanship but also to the enduring relationships we cultivate at Variety Finishing. We don’t just construct functional spaces; we forge lasting connections built on trust and satisfaction.

Estate Home


This estate home in Sturgeon County presented our team with a myriad of tasks, as the new homeowners sought to personalize their space to align with their tastes and requirements. They entrusted us with various finishing carpentry projects, including trimming doors and windows and installing crown molding throughout the house. A standout feature they envisioned was a striking accent wall cascading down the staircase, complemented by custom coffered beams adorning the ceiling. Despite the unique challenges posed by the ceiling’s shape, our team persevered, dedicating approximately four weeks to the project. Throughout our time there, we forged a bond with the family, transitioning from contractors to friends. Witnessing their satisfaction with the final results was immensely rewarding, and their subsequent calls for additional updates—such as a new ensuite, barn doors, and walk-in closets—underscored their trust in our craftsmanship. It’s always gratifying when clients return to us for further enhancements, reaffirming the value of our work and the relationships we build along the way. We also value your time and strive to complete every project on schedule, without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

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Basement Developments

Basement developments hold a special place in our repertoire of renovations. These spaces offer a canvas where functionality and creativity seamlessly merge to transform into amazing, fun, and highly usable areas. We thrive on the opportunity to unlock the full potential of basements, turning them into unique and inviting spaces that enhance the overall enjoyment and utility of your home.

Whether your basement is a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch or in need of a refreshing update, Variety Finishing is here to assist in creating the space you’ve always envisioned. The design possibilities are virtually limitless—your imagination sets the boundaries.

Investing in a finished basement is not only a creative endeavour but also one of the most cost-effective ways to add substantial value to your home. By incorporating extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or versatile activity areas, you’re not just expanding your living space; you’re enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of your home. This thoughtful investment ensures that, should you choose to move in the future, your home will be even more enticing to its new owners.

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