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Accent Walls Add Energy To Your Home

Brick Accent Wall

A standout aspect of your renovation is the accent wall. This is where you can truly put your mark on the space you create. 

An accent wall can be as simple or as flashy as you want. It adds functionality, personality and creativity to the room. You might like a bare wall that showcases your favourite art. You can have a library with built in shelving. Entertainment walls are also a very popular option. 


Afternoon Wall

Afternoon Wall

Guests enter a large anteroom to a feeling of openness and light. The feature wall compliments modern furniture with a large abstract art piece with custom LED lighting 

You can have as many or as few feature walls as your imagination permits. There is an exciting flow of energy in a well designed space and this project has several unique walls. 


Wet Bar Wall

wet bar wood accent wall interior

The wet bar features custom shelving designed with under cabinet LED lighting for ambiance. The cabinets were built with the shape of the wall and the bar is open to the rest of the space. Guests can interact and mingle without feeling isolated.

Wood Accent Walls

Wood Accent Walls

Barnwood is a good choice for creating a sense of comfort and casual elegance. Barnwood comes in many colours and finishes and it can be used in many different ways. In this project, we added a touch of the barnwood on the entertainment stand to tie in the design. 


Brick Accent Wall

Brick Accent Wall

Brick accent walls add a sence of history to your wet bar or to any area in your house. It’s varied colour and rough texture honour the era of the building without dating the design.


The overall space is multifuncional without feeling overwhelmed or cramped. It has a professional aura and we created a modern feel to complement a historic building. 

The space is used for meetings and intimate social events, located in a popular neighbourhood in Edmonton. 


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